Through the years, Inspir has evolved. But one thing has remained: ”We are customer-focused.” We have always been flexible in meeting our clients’ needs and changing situations.

Bigger companies often have structures that are rigid. Our startup setup has allowed us to be creative and innovative, capable of adjusting to what the client needs, when the client needs, and how the client needs.

1988: Gary gained his initial English communication training experience as an English teacher. Here, he was exposed to the monotonous and impractical English learning methods being offered. Doubling as a business English instructor at that time, he also identified how companies failed to meet customer needs.

1993: Gary was commissioned to train the interpersonal communications of seven astronauts. He developed the training program from scratch, personalizing the material, for each of the high-level, English-fluent professionals.

1994: Gary and Sachiyo incepted Inspir, believing in the wealth of their customer insights and professional experiences.

2001: Inspir has pioneered the Super Science High School Project, teaching science communication to about 120 students weekly, in various prefectures all over Japan.

2015: Inspir was commissioned to spearhead the Super Global Science Project under The Ministry of Education.

2018: Gary and Sachiyo have worked with over 100 companies, and have trained at least 100,000 students. Inspir has trained people from Miraikan, Building Center of Japan, Sony, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan Science Technology, and other important organizations in the country