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Through the years, Inspir has evolved. But one thing has remained: ”We are customer-focused.” We have always been flexible in meeting our clients’ needs and changing situations.

Bigger companies often have structures that are rigid. Our startup setup has allowed us to be creative and innovative, capable of adjusting to what the client needs, when the client needs, and how the client needs.

Substance of Living

Watch our weekly videos on YouTube or Download our podcast and listen anywhere.

Substance of Living

Substance of Living shares ideas, approaches and concepts on life and what seems to work, based upon 70+ years of experience, with the hope this information may be of service in your daily life. You can watch our weekly videos on Youtube or download the podcast and listen anywhere on the go.

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At Inspir, we equip our clients to confidently create all kinds of written communications essential in getting the message across from the communicator to the receiver.


In order to be a good executive, one needs to first know himself, which is the greatest challenge in interpersonal communications.


In Inspir, we teach you how to combine all elements of speech-making, in order to be able to present any message in a compelling way.


The core of life coaching focuses on personal progress and professional progress.



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